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e, and at this moment, the black brother seems to understand some, then, he immediately directed at the official opening of the month, directly began to check the death of Ms. Mill s account. Two people after a day, when finally know that Wang Yuhua so muc.h money when the source, but Amazon Certification feel big head. Wang Yuhua s source of funds is found, but also the emergence of a new problem, that is why, Miss Mill will give money to Wang Yuhua, is Wang Yuhua Amazon it exam is Ms. Michael outside the small white face, but their contact is really less And less, their contact, there is no Ms. Milk to Wang Yuhua money more times. Looking at a problem to solve, but another problem but in front of them, in the two people want to break the head can not think of this in the end is why, but they heard a shock that they feel the news I.s when all things Amazon are pointing to Wang Yuhua, Wang Yuhua interrogated on the way, suddenly occurred in front of a traffic accident, also in just a few minutes, Wang Yuhua even as the same as the disappearance of God. Originally because finally found too much Wang Yuhua evidence, and finally can solve a trouble when, but once again happened such a thi

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AWS-SYSOPS AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Amazon AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate