takes skies the limit approach as a female-led tech startup

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Scale Intensive Graduation Women are starting more than 2x as many businesses as 3 years ago (2014 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report). Hera Labs is a not for profit business accelerator that supports female founders launch startups and scale exiting businesses through experiential, hands-on education and access to capital events (Hera Fast Pitch, InnovateHER and Hera Venture Summit). We have helped more than 150 startups launch and more than 180 women-owned business scale to their next level. One of our recent Scale Intensive graduates,, has focused on scaling her tech venture, made meaningful connections for growth partners and is revenue generating.

8 Female Entrepreneurs: Perfectly Prepared & Poised to Scale Businesses

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Scale Intensive Graduation Building time for business growth strategies and tactics takes a back seat for most business entrepreneurs. Especially for women, who are not only the primary caregivers of their families, but increasingly the main breadwinner as well, 4 in 10 American households with children under age 18 include a mother who is either the sole or primary earner for her family. A solution for women-owned businesses is Hera Labs, a unique accelerator for female entrepreneurs, where ideas are launched into fantastic business ideas and women-owned business get equipped to scale to their next level. At Hera Labs we know and produced the Scale Intensive to fill the need for existing small business in a triad strategic approach

Vision Board Benefits

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If you dive into all those available publications on the things highly successful professionals and entrepreneurs do, you’re very likely to find that one of them is journaling. Every now and again you might find creating a vision board on the list. We like to think of vision boarding as an alternative form of journaling. SMVisionBoard

Understanding Ideation

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What is ideation, anyway?

ideation-phaseIdeation is the idea(s) for the perfect product(s) to meet your needs that don’t come up all the time.

When is the last time you asked yourself, “I wish this could connect to that in a cool way so that I could do this?” Probably in the last week. Well, when someone asks themselves like question and then acts on it to develop a business–that is the ideation phase of business growth.

Ideation is the creative process time-frame when an innovative idea is translated or transformed into a product or service usually sparked to solve a need in the marketplace. 

Creating a Power Team

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Offer additional value to your clients through a Power Team!

When creating a power team of service providers to bring more value to your existing clients and/or attract a more diverse client base, there are serious considerations to think about.

create-a-power-team Primarily, define the type of team you are creating (3 come to mind):
  1. “Share the love” referral team. All team members are paid separately depending on the needs of a client. Everyone just shares each other’s expertise for the good of the client.

Setting Expectations with Clients

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Increase trust and keep clients happy.

Acquiring new clients and establishing loyalty requires setting expectations and establishing an open dialogue from the get-go; this will build trust and promote transparency. In addition, since reputation is HUGE in any industry, maintaining positive relationships with every client is the key to success.

When you institute intentions, you create communication channels that help mitigate the chance of error. Generating expectations also establishes and designates responsibility and accountability, and most importantly, it outlines and defines accurate project scope for all parties involved.

From Solopreneur to Entrepreneur: Growing Without Fear

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There comes a time in most Solopreneurs’ careers where they are positioned to grow into an Entrepreneur, if they choose. Growth can be downright scary when you’re exploring the uncharted waters of entrepreneurship.

Grow without fear Adding staff or subcontractors, delegating tasks, and implementing operations—pretty much, anything where you’re loosening the reins of control is downright stressful. Have no fear. Taking some of these smaller steps along the way and learning at every turn will help you evolve into the entrepreneur you are meant to be. Without fear.

Inaugural Women Investing in Women Summit Play-By-Play

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A play-by-play of the inaugural Women Investing in Women Summit for a deeper look at what transpired.

It all started at a restaurant meeting at midnight in New York City. Anu Bhardwaj from Phoenix, Silvia Armitano Mah from San Diego, and Serena Walker, founder of NYC Athena Business Institute, used paper napkins and creativity to bring missions together and create new visions of a global summit series where women could talk, invest, and collaborate with and in other women. A short nine months later, the inaugural San Diego Women Investing in Women Summit converged in San Diego with women investors, entrepreneurs, community, and industry partners interested in collaborating.

12 Takeaways from WIIW Summit

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The University of San Diego was host to the inaugural Women Investing in Women Summit, San Diego on July 18th & 19th. The event packed a punch and in just two days attendees heard entrepreneurs and industry heavyweights offer wisdom about angel investing, debt financing, Capitol Hill stories, tenacity with investors, overcoming challenges, how to get funding, how to fund, what to look for as an angel investor, and so much more.WIIW2014

If you missed the event, not to worry, we’d still like to offer you these top 12 takeaways from WIIW summit, a.k.a. our golden nuggets:
  1. Tenacity is a prime quality of successful entrepreneurs. @fitzee & @bonaffair
  2. Pitch, pitch, and pitch some more. You can never pitch too much. To get ready for the perfect opportunity like shark tank, pitch to everybody, accept and do as much practice pitching as possible.
  3. Valuation is different for every business. In the end it’s all a guessing game, so do the absolute best you can with all the information you have at hand.

The Value Proposition

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The value proposition is sometimes the one aspect of a business model that is glossed over; quickly jotting down what is important to a business and what needs of a customer the product fills. The value propositionHowever, when carefully thought through, well defined, and masterfully articulated, the value proposition is the glue that holds a business together.

A value proposition is a positioning statement that explains what benefit you provide for who and how you do it uniquely well. Build a compelling value proposition by joining the emotion of your customer’s buying power with the analytical reasons of your product’s superiority in the market, helping you gain a competitive edge. You can use the 4 steps Michael Skok outlines on Forbes to get started.

Support for Women-Owned Businesses

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Women-owned business Day is TODAY, May 1. Do you need to go #shopping? Make your purchase even more special, especially the week before mother’s day by buying from a women-owned business to support another sister.

women in businessThe statistics about the growth of women-owned businesses are really spectacular in the United States. The rate of growth in the number of women-owned enterprises over the past 16 years is 1½ times the national average. As of 2013, it is estimated that there are over 8.6 million women-owned businesses in the United States, generating over $1.3 trillion in revenues and employing nearly 7.8 million people.
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