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urst into the room at the end of the passage and his lantern illuminated what looked like a workshop wood shavings and gold gleamed in the swinging pool of light, and there on the window ledge sat perched, like a giant CCNA Security bird, a young man with golden hair. In the split second that the lantern s light illuminated him, Harry saw the delight upon his handsome face, then the intruder shot a Stunning Spell from his wand and jumped neatly backward out of the window with a crow of laughter. And Harry was hurtling back out of those wide, tunnellike pupils and Gregorovitch s face was stricken with terror. Who was the thief, Gregorovitch said the high cold voice. I do not know, I never knew, a young man no please PLEASE A scream that went on and on and then a burst of green light Harry He opened his eyes, panting, his forehead throbbing. He had passed out against t.he side of the tent, Cisco Certification had slid sideways down the canvas, and was sprawled on the ground. He looked up at Hermione, whose bushy hair obscured the tiny patch of sky visible through the dark branches high above CCNA Security it exam them. Dream, he said, sitting up quickly and attempting to meet H

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
640-554 Implementing Cisco IOS Network Security (IINS v2.0) Cisco CCNA Security
210-260 Implementing Cisco Network Security Cisco CCNA Security


132 STARTUPS. Empowered 132 female founders to launch their startups through access to educational programs, mentoring & funding; promoting innovation.
203 SCALED. Facilitated 203 women business owners to take their businesses to the “next level” through education, accountability & goal-setting.
123 JOBS CREATED. Equipped female business owner with growth goals, thus helped create 122.5 new jobs.
140 MENTORS. Promoted culture of collaboration & a shared female economy, 140 mentors have assisted our alumni “next level.”
$1.19M RAISED. Connected angel investors to female founders, helped raise more than $1 million in angel funds.
54% MOMPRENEURS. Alumnae is made up of more than 54% mompreneurs,

Our Board

  • Andrea Giralt
    Andrea Giralt Board Member
  • Laurie Itkin
    Laurie Itkin Board Member
  • Navrina Singh
    Navrina Singh Board Member
  • Briana Weisinger
    Briana Weisinger Board Member
  • Silvia Mah
    Silvia Mah Executive Director

Our Team

  • Silvia Mah
    Silvia Mah Executive Director
  • Raven O’Neal
    Raven O’Neal Director of Marketing
  • Sat Wilensky
    Sat Wilensky Program Director
  • April Harter
    April Harter Director of PR

Our Instructors

  • Rebecca Tall Brown
    Rebecca Tall Brown Marketing Strategy
  • Tracy Petrucci
    Tracy Petrucci Digital Marketing
  • April Harter
    April Harter PR
  • Samara Hakim
    Samara Hakim Culture & Business Metrics
  • Janelle Doll
    Janelle Doll Operations
  • Meredith Gronroos
    Meredith Gronroos Business Development/Sales
  • Vanessa Elle
    Vanessa Elle Vision Boarding/Female Presence

Our EIRs (Entrepreneurs in Residence)

  • Natalia Robert
    Natalia Robert Photographer
  • Nichole MacDonald
    Nichole MacDonald Consumer Product
  • Samantha Urban
    Samantha Urban Tech /UX/UI Design
  • Danielle Rowley
    Danielle Rowley EdTech
  • Ana Bermudez
    Ana Bermudez App Development/Tech
  • Skyler McCurine
    Skyler McCurine Personal Branding/Fashion


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